Our Approach

American Heritage Charter Schools fill an important role in today's educational landscape. We have a dedicated faculty that cares about your students and wants them to succeed. We provide a safe and secure environment where students can honor family beliefs. We understand the sacrifices you make for your family, and we support your role as parents and as partners with us in your student's education. 


The Mission of American Heritage Charter Schools is to bring choice and competition to public education and to provide a high-quality, safe, and orderly learning environment that will help students prepare for college and a successful career. American Heritage Charter Schools strive to develop in students a solid base of foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills, and positive character traits including honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. American Heritage Charter Schools also seek to instill in all students the traditional American ideals of hard work, discipline, and service necessary to provide leadership in the community and enjoy a productive and meaningful life.


To fulfill the Mission of American Heritage Charter Schools, the faculty and staff: acknowledge the primary responsibility that parents have for their student’s moral and intellectual development; challenge students with rigorous academic coursework using a variety of effective instructional methods, both traditional and innovative, that allow each student to realize his or her individual potential; believe that the study of Great Books and American history inspires our students to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens of their community, state, and nation; and encourage our students to develop leadership skills and  provide service to their community. 

Educational Philosophy

Students in elementary school are receptive to learning factual information and will readily memorize. At this age, we focus on fundamental skills and knowledge that will help them to learn more as they mature. In English, we focus on the fundamentals of language - spelling, writing, and reading. In mathematics, we use Saxon Math to teach foundational skills centered on numbers, functions, equations, and practical uses for math. We introduce our students to primary concepts in science, history, art, and music, and we help them to develop the practical skills of observation, listening, and memorization as they build their own framework for learning.

As they progress to junior high, students begin to recognize that they are a part of a larger human family, and it is important to introduce them to the best and brightest members of that family. Through the study of Great Books and the history of western civilization, we build the context for a greater understanding of the modern world. By the time students reach high school, they can use language and logic in an eloquent manner to persuade others and to express their own thoughts and feelings effectively. We offer a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes strong language skills, develops critical thinking capabilities, and enhances problem-solving faculties.

Starting in kindergarten and continuing on through high school, we place a strong emphasis on our heritage. We embrace the philosophy of the Founders and hope to pass along important values to the next generation. We want to highlight our history, and we want our students to understand that this grand experiment in self government, which has suffered through great trials, will require their careful attention as they become tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that students need to be well-rounded for success in life, so we promote the traditional values of hard work, integrity, and personal responsibility.