Why Join Our Team?

If you are passionate about teaching and would like to have a positive influence on the next generation of citizens, leaders, and entrepreneurs, American Heritage Charter Schools may have a place for you on our team.

Our teachers are experts in their fields as well as talented communicators. They work collaboratively with like-minded peers and leaders to develop new curriculum and devise innovative methods of instruction. They put their personal stamp on their courses and create learning experiences that empower every child to reach their potential.

At American Heritage Charter Schools, we provide a unique opportunity to reimagine public education and drive change within the system. We are always looking for more effective ways to educate young minds, and we hope to influence public debate by highlighting our successes and inviting others to join us.

Our administrative staff is supportive of teachers in every way. We don’t follow the typical model of top-down authority, but work together as a team to create a solid instructional environment where teachers can grow professionally and feel supported in classroom management.

Unlike most public schools, parents have chosen to enroll their students here because of the intimate school environment, small class sizes, and passionate teachers who form great relationships with their students.

If this sounds like a vision you can embrace, we urge you to join our team.

Job Openings

We do not currently have any job openings, but check back here from time to time as we will update our listings. You can view all job listings for American Heritage Charter Schools on EdJoin.


You can also contact our hiring team at