Our Schools

American Heritage Charter Schools are designed to provide high-quality educational choice within the public school system. Our innovative programs provide a seamless academic progression from kindergarten through high school. We strive to develop in our students a solid base of fundamental knowledge, critical thinking skills, and positive character traits including honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. American Heritage Charter Schools also seek to instill in all of our students the traditional ideals of hard work, discipline, and service, which are necessary to provide leadership in the community and enjoy a productive and meaningful life.

Each of our programs is unique and they all work together to accomodate the differing needs of our diverse student population. To determine which path might be best for your student, read the descriptions below and follow the links to the program websites

Escondido Charter High School

Traditional Learning - ECHS offers a five-day-a-week, college-prep option in small class settings. The school promotes critical thinking and develops problem solving skills while encouraging students to embrace the values of integrity, personal responsibility, and service to others.

Flex Learning - ECHS offers a four-day on-campus environment where students combine the best of independent learning with traditional classroom instruction in a technology-rich environment. As a part of Flex Learning, we offer a one-to-one instructional option. In Flex Learning, students are encouraged to attend college courses while still in high school.


Heritage Elementary School

Heritage Elementary is a full-time classroom-based program that focuses on academic fundamentals and character development in self-contained classrooms of 25 or less. A caring staff provides a safe and orderly environment where students can learn and grow, and where the values of hard work, integrity, and personal responsibility can be instilled in their minds. 


Heritage Junior High School  

Heritage Junior High is a full-time classroom-based program that provides a supportive environment for young minds as they master fundamental subjects through a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for high school. An emphasis is placed on Great Books, technical writing, and math. Technology is used extensively in history and science classes, and additional personal assistance is available through tutorial sessions. Students are encouraged to embrace the values of hard work, integrity, and responsibility, and are held to high standards of conduct. 


Heritage Flex Academy  

Heritage Flex Academy offers two options to suit the needs of home-learning families. Both options include an opportunity to take one-day-a-week exploratory courses throughout the year on topics such as dance, Latin, culinary arts, art, student leadership, yearbook, and physical education.

Flex Hybrid - The Flex Hybrid option brings students on campus two days a week for classroom-based instruction with three days learning at home.

Flex Home Learning - The Home Learning option lets parent educators teach their students at home five days a week with assistance from credentialed teachers.