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The American Heritage Charter Schools fill an important role in today's educational landscape. Those who seek us out understand the importance of our mission to provide a high-quality, safe, and orderly learning environment that will help students prepare for college and a successful career. They come to us because they know that we encourage the development of positive character traits including honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. They want their students here, because we embrace the traditional American ideals of hard work, discipline, and service, which are necessary to provide leadership in the community and enjoy a productive and meaningful life. 

We have a dedicated faculty that cares about your students and wants them to succeed. We provide a safe and secure environment where students can honor family beliefs. We understand the sacrifices you make for your family, and we support your role as parents and as partners with us in your student's education. 

Providing quality education comes with a cost. We do not receive state funding for facilities, and cannot place a public bond measure on the ballot, so our facilities have been financed through private bonds and paid for out of the same fund as our teachers. If we can defray the cost of our facilities, we can focus more of our state funding on teachers, where it impacts your students the most.

Your support means that we can continue to carry out our mission and provide a family friendly environment from kindergarten through high school. Your support is important, because our mission is important.

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The American Heritage Education Foundation is a non-profit, 501(C)(3), corporation that supports American Heritage Charter Schools and its many student organizations. To learn more about the foundation, click on the button below.

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